Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure, and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimize supply-chain visibility and quality assurance.


Chain of Things is developing Maru – an integrated blockchain and IoT hardware solution to solve IoT’s issues with identity, security, and interoperability. They are leveraging the nexus between blockchain and IoT to deploy industrial, environmental, and humanitarian related solutions.


Climatecoin is launching the biggest peer to peer decentralized carbon credits portal in the world, so every citizen in the world will be able to buy credits from their platform selecting the source of product and paying directly to the producer through their token.


B4H seek to support open source code development and initiatives that help bridge the gap for a more equitable financial inclusion, new economies, quality of life for humanity and a sustainable environment. Blockchain 4 Humanity is a program that offers sponsorship from top tier Accelerators through a selection process.



Sismotur connects destinations with the digital tourist and improves the tourist signage of your destination by integrating it with advanced tourist information systems. We offer our cloud service Signing for its planning and management. 


Helvetia Fintech is a Swiss startup based in Geneva that serve both startups and existing companies to explore, launch and grow decentralized products, providing a comprehensive range of services that cover most of the operations involved in any decentralized project.



Genobank is a technology company that aims at providing a Decentralized BioBank secured by the Blockchain.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to become a sponsor for this unique event. As Sponsor you will have the possibility to submit a challenge for the hackathon so that participants can work on it during the week.These are some of the benefits of becoming a sponsor for the IoT + Blockchain Hackathon in Valencia:

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  • Possibility to showcase your own technology
  • Submit challenges for the event
  • Networking during the event with other sponsors and participants
  • Presence and mentions in media
  • Participation in the Hackathon awards gala dinner

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