Please note this agenda is not yet finalised and will be modified over the coming weeks. For more detailed information please use the official telegram channel

08:30Accreditations and CoffeeEnrique Melero Please be there on time !
09:00Welcome Speech Enrique Melero , David Ortega Enrique Melero & David Ortega
09:30TECHNICAL SEMINAR I - DekalabsBlockchain Technology
09:30BUSINESS SEMINAR I Blockchain Technology for Non technical
15:00TECHNICAL SEMINAR II - TecnaliaBlockchain Development, Smart Contracts, Iota (Santiado de Diego)
15:00BUSINESS SEMINAR II - HelvetiaUsing Blockchain technology hands on workshop
18:00Free time
20:00Open Event Alex Casas Blockchain for Humanity
09:00Briefing and BreakfastManuel Sales
09:30Seminar Real Cases Doug Irwin Chain of Things
10:15Seminar Real Cases Otso Jousimaa Using DLT technologies to establish trust in IOT applications
11:00Free time & networking
11:45 Seminar Real Cases Felipe Santi Sismotur - Using a Proof of Presence Protocol with Ruuvi
12:30Seminar Real Cases Marek Kirejczyk Ambrosus - The Future of supply chain with blockchain
15:30Prime Sponsor Challenge - AmbrosusMarek Kirejczyk Abrosus: API to Register and Track assets
16:00Prime Sponsor Challenge Doug Irwin , Alex Casas Chain of Things / B4H: BlockPass for proof of identity
16:30Prime Sponsor ChallengeJose Lindo Climatecoin: rewarding Environmental Friendly Energy
17:00Prime Sponsor Challenge - Guillermo GoncálvezHelvetia Fintech: Use IoT to enable decentralized crypto exchanges
18:00Participant ChallengesParticipants can pitch on their challenges
19:00Open Event Jose Lindo Climatecoin, IoT opportunities to mitigate climate change
20:00Open Event François Sonnet SolarCoin Project
21:00Team Building DinnerMeet the sponsors and other participants to create the teams
09:30Briefing & BreakfastBriefing and hackathon kickoff Mike Frasquet
10:00TEAM WORKHackathon
13:00Learn & Apply Manuel Sales Thex digital assets platfom hands on (Optional)
15:00TEAM WORKHackathon
18:00Open EventErik Vollstädt Jurisdiction-as-a-Service for Peer-to-Peer Governance Services
19:00Open Event Miguel Prados Governance Politics in Blockchain. CouncilCoins
20:00Open EventMarloes Pomp Blockchain Dutch Government
21:00Working DinnerSelf service buffet for participants
22:00Team Work ALLNIGHTERSFacilities are available during the night
09:00Briefing & BreakfastBriefing and breakfast to recover energy Mike Frasquet
09:30Learn & Apply Alberto G. Toribio Stockmind (Optional)
10:00TEAM WORKHackathon
13:00Learn & Apply Francisco Colomer Server deployment & dockerization (Optional)
15:00TEAM WORKHackathon
17:00Open Event Ahmed Banafa Blockchain & beyond
18:00Open Event - Sustainable Development GoalsJose Lindo , Alex Casas SDG panel with Alex Casas, Melinda Wolf, Jose Lindo, F.Benedito, P.R.Lopez
18:50Project SubmissionsDeadline to submit your project
19:00Open Event Daniel Uribe Founder Genobank
20:00Open Event - Guillermo GoncalvezFinancial Inclusion
21:00SURVIVOR DINNERA good traditional dinner! please register with Marcos !
09:30Presentation Rehearsal
10:00Project PresentationsTime to deliver the final presentations
12:00Sponsor Speech and Winners
13:00Lunch and Farewell
15:00Networking AfternoonWe are planning activities for those who stay on Sunday

Some notes

Business seminar: Understanding blockchain, smart contracts and IoT, for non-technical people
Technical seminar: How blockchain and IoT works under the hood. Practical applications and hands-on

Participants typically have other responsibilities, so the agenda gives some breaks to look after them. During the hackathon we will provide time to disconnect from the competition and deal with urgent professional matters.

Brief technical presentations will take place during the hackathon. Participants can decide wether to attend the talk or keep on working. Each day changes the subject, business model, agile, Raspberry, web front-end, blockchain tech, marketing, etc.

Every day there will be events open to the public “Open Events”. These events are meant to share the experience with non participant individuals (University students, local companies and public in general) but camp participants are more than welcome to join them. Those events will typically be talks related to the IoT-Blockchain world. Sponsors have here also an opportunity to show to the world their current developments, proof of concepts and services

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